Sarah Palin Feeding Frenzy on Saturday Night Live

So I stayed up late to watch Saturday Night Live, you know... that NBC show that used to be funny (late 90's to about 2001). I watched because Olympic champion Michael Phelps was going to be the host.

The show started with a skit of Sarah Palin (Tina Fey), & Hillary Clinton (Amy Poehler) having a discussion about the current state of politics and the 2008 presidential race.

For some Reason I can't embed the video so click here to watch it. The most humerous part of the video for me was at the beginning when it was introduced as "A Non Partisan Message From Governor Sarah Palin & Senator Hillary Clinton". I admit that Tina Fey did a pretty good job with the Palin impersonation from a technical perspective. There were some real zingers, and the live studio audience (filled with friends and family of the cast and other liberal apologists) responded just as scripted, with roars of laughter and applause.

Then there was a game show skit called quiz bowl (supposed to be a parady of Knowledge Bowl). It pitted three normal kids from some public school against three homeschool kids from the "Jasper family". Most of the questions were science related, the homeschool kids buzzed in first and got every answer wrong by giving some sort of "cultic" fringe fundamentalist answer that was represented as being "Christian". Most of it was organized around making Christians (like Sarah Palin?) appear to be whacko's who don't believe in the most obvious truths of science.

Then during the "Weekend Update" segment they had a character named "Alaska Pete" who basically came out and mocked Palin.

All in all, a pretty cheap attack ad for Obama. Ahh... that's right. Barack Obama was supposed to be on that episode also. But he said it was just too close to 9-11 to be on a comedy show. Ya think maybe the real reason was he wanted to distance himself from such partisan media attacks by NBC?

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